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About us - Xtest

X-Test develops and manufactures advanced products and training aids that increase the effectiveness of security personnel in a wide range of applications.


X-Test™ inert explosives precisely replicate actual explosives in colour, texture, odour (canine compatible), density, and X-ray and CT signatures.


These products, along with X-Test’s range of training programs and consulting services, are used worldwide by all major regulatory entities to train security personnel at airports, seaports, prisons, mega events and more.




  • Training aids: Explosive simulants, bomb technician conundrum, X-ray screening silhouettes, IED replicas, concealed items.


  • Learning Management System (LMS): Includes also an X-ray simulator of various X-Ray scanners.


  • Courses and seminars: In the field of screening, security sweeps, security checks and awareness.


  • Auditing, testing and assessing the security at sensitive locations.