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Academy - Xtest

X-Test’s International Security Academy offers a turnkey solution that encompasses training facility design, logistics implementation for customized on-site training centers, courses, software and training aids.

X-Test’s International Security Academy offers courses and complete programs in various topics relevant to different applications. The programs include:


  • Advanced courses for security executives

  • Awareness and fundamental concepts

  • Screener operations: basic concepts and use of security technologies

  • Supervisor operations: advanced concepts and use of security technologies

  • Train-The-Trainer in various applications

  • Red Team planning, tracking and operation

  • Concealment workshop

  • Introduction to basic explosives for security personnel

  • IED’s Post-Blast Investigator Training / explosion scene investigators

  • Customized courses per customer request


X-Test’s International Security Academy offers Train-The-Trainer courses and hands-on workshops. Trainers are provided with the training material and tools to perform on-site training or establish their own training facilities worldwide.

X-Test offers a wide range of training programs with specialized curriculums tailor-made to address such risks. These are based on comprehensive knowledge and vast experience with explosives and security processes and procedures.

Other courses are offered in the fields of explosives, aviation security, screening technology operations, canine handling, customs officer training, forensics techniques and more.


* Most courses can be provided at customer’s location.