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Basic Narcotic Recognition Training Kit



The Basic Narcotics Recognition Training Kit was designed to introduce the trainees with the basic, most common types of narcotics in use.
This kit contains a wide range of narcotics simulants that replicate the drugs exact look, texture, forms and shapes (various states of material such as: powder, liquid and Solid).
The drugs’ packaging is also replicated according to the relevant scenario in use and with specific regard to each and every simulated drug (i.e., Hashish “Tola”, LSD stamps, Ecstasy tablets etc.).
All of the simulants are visual as well as X-RAY compatible. Some simulants may provide a positive reaction using a drug detector chemical kit.

Target Audience

This kit is applicable for various platforms and applications such as:

Customs terminals, correction facilities, airports, border control units,
police and other Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA).