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IED’s Post-Blast Investigator Training / Explosion Scene Investigators - Xtest

Mass casualty event, caused by an I.E.D, suicide bomber or car bomb, requires professional skills and special investigation knowledge.
Investigators from different fields participate in the scene of an explosion, in purpose to find the perpetrators of the attack and bring them to justice.
Investigation of such scenes requires knowledge and training skills that are different from forensic investigation. It is a professional technical work of an “explosion scene expert” investigator, trained in a specialized course

Target audience:

Army/Police/Governmental agencies bomb technicians

Subjects covered:

· Chemistry of explosives.

· Effects of explosives.

· Improvised explosive devices used in terrorist organizations.

· Principles of work at the scene of the explosion.

· Principles of collecting exhibits and samples from the scene of the explosion.

· How to create makeshift laboratories handling explosives.

· Work on the remains and presented laboratory devices.

· Using professional equipment and laboratory dedicated arena.

· Explosion safety at work.

· S. Technical report writing professional interrogation and trial.

· Analysis of explosion sites.

· Identifying the remains of explosives and weapons.

· Explosion scenarios effects analysis.

· How to maintain and control the explosion site.

· Making measurements and drawings.

· marking and collecting Evidence.

* The course includes the study of criminal, civil and hostile-terror activities.

* The course duration is minimum 5 days for basic course, and one month for full course1.