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XDsystems Learning Management System - Xtest

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XDsystems Learning Management System (LMS), provides the most advanced training software in the world today, combining a wide range of methodologies into one system.

The software is designed to assist security personnel with better utilization of security equipment and provide a means for enhancing security-related expertise for personnel in any role.

XDsystems training programs can be designed for various roles and qualifications (X-Ray screeners, dispatchers, management) at different complexity levels.

XDsystems is offered in multiple languages and can be adjusted easily to any SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).




XDsystems has direct access to Tamar Group’s explosives laboratory, Tamar Group’s X-Test inert simulants and top explosive detection and security experts.

This allows XDsystems to continuously update its image library with evolving threats.

XDsystems’ knowledge-based content includes:


  • Brand-independent and comprehensive image library.
  • Library of pre-defined simulator practices and tests at various complexity levels.

XDsystems provides tools that allow customers to upload their own existing or new content:


Upload your own image library, videos and documents.
Upload your own X-Ray simulator practices.
Upload your own certification tests (image-based tests as well as multiple choice tests).
Upload your own security methodology.




XDsystems offers managers easy tools to assign training programs to their teams and monitor staff qualification status, performance and methodologies through configurable and flexible criteria.

Programs may consist of video clips, reading material, equipment proficiency tests, equipment simulation training or text-based tests that are geared towards operators using various imaging equipment (e.g., X-Ray) or for security officers in other positions, not necessarily requiring equipment simulations.

XDsystems’ X-Ray simulation modules are brand-independent, allowing complete simulation of most commonly used X-Ray equipment.

The simulation modules provide screeners with their equipment ‘look-and-feel’ interface and, therefore, are easily adopted by users.




XDsystems is deployed worldwide and used by various security organizations: airports, government and commercial buildings, secured facilities, training centers, etc.


It is offered in different configurations:

  • 1. Internet-based
  • 2. Intranet-based
  • 3. Standalone



  • Dashboard, planning and reports – XDsystems provides tools for tracking training progress and performance. Progress can be monitored for any configurable criteria from national through local organizations and down to each security officer. The software allows managers to view the full history of all training-related activities.
  • Collaboration Environment – XDsystems provides a full ‘replay” of any equipment simulation module that mimics On-The-Job (OTJ) training. XDsystems also provides messaging and alert mechanisms that allow managers to update teams with the latest information or training update.